Monday, January 13, 2014

Oh What A Busy Winter, so far!

On a good note, even with these new jackets, both girls managed to handle the Polar Vortex week quite well. Negative 50*F wind chills. I'm actually surprised at how well these worked. They are Saxon 1200D, turnout sheets. I read a whole bunch of reviews about them before I bought them, all were good, but I was expecting more of a normal winter and a bit worried about the subzero weather we had, Unbelievable how well they worked. Wow! There really is no fiber fill, but they are Teflon and excellent at wind break.

Another good note, we gained another new Grandson, Alex in October in England. Here is our Joseph and his new little brother, Alex! Too cute. We still have to gather funds to get there this year. Finances have been a bit tough as I'm sure with most, but we're working on it.

Another good note, Zoe married Brandon, her college sweetheart on November 1st. It was a small very nice Wedding, I did not stay in the dress for long. And below, here we all are, including Jess ! Unfortunately, the kids couldn't make it from England, Flights are getting ridiculous!

And ending on rather a sad note, Our Bear dog passed away just last week. He battle some sort of cancer over the last years. Came to us 5 yrs ago with it , only we didn't know until much later. He did make it to 13yrs old. Pretty amazing just that alone, much less battling cancer. The end did not bode well for Stephen and I. Needless to say,we will never go back to that Vet again. The details are too sorted to get into.

So here are the recent updates. It's been awhile again I know. Life gets busy sometimes. Anyhow, Hope all of my blogger friends are doing well !

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

It's Been A Long While Since I Posted.........

So, Here's an update.........I had no need to shave Kola this year..........My success with managing her Cushings or Pre-Cushings condition was all with weight. I was able to restrict her food. I've switched to Purina Senior  Feed for both of the girls, giving them only 6 ounces each twice a day and I've found a good 50/50 sometimes 40/60 alfalfa-grass mix with some decent nutrients in it. Depending on the size of the flake and how weighty it feels in my arms, they get any where from two to three flakes to split between them twice a day. Maybe even a little less during the summer months when the pasture is open to them. Also keeping a mineral block available to them at all times. I have been able to keep them both at a body score of  "5". Keeping Kola's weight down and keeping them on a strict diet has made the world of difference. I didn't even have to give Kola any meds this past spring and as I said earlier no shaving of hair. A lot of grooming to get the winter fuzz off  last spring. I feel that this diet has done the task.

These are their new Winter jackets. I'm not sure how they'll pan out. They are a Saxon Brand. I have never tried them before. They're a 1200 denier and boast a teflon outer shell that completely repels water and outside elements, however they do not seem to have any fiber fill, although a nylon lining. Last night's wind chills were in the low teens and neither of them seemed cold this morning. So I wonder if these will do for our harsh cold winters here in Wisconsin or will I need a fiber filled stable blanket under them for the real cold days. Does anyone know anything about this Saxon brand out there? I'd like to hear about it, if you have.

One reason I've been busy is that Zoe, our daughter just got married on November 1st.. We've been very busy with the Wedding plans through out the summer and as soon as I have the professional photos back, I'll post them. Also we had been waiting the arrival of another grandson in the UK. He came just about a week before Zoe's Wedding. Rebecca and Jim have a new healthy baby boy named Alex and our little Joseph at 4yrs old has started school. It sounds as if he's already becoming a great big brother to Alex. Hopefully we'll get back to the UK in April to visit with all of them. And of course, Thomas's little girl, our UK grand-daughter is already two yrs old. They all grow so fast. Hopefully next April. Business hasn't been as good as we hoped and my paycheck is sucked up by the cost of Health Insurance. Ugh!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

As Previously Promised, Wax Your Ride!

      I feel really bad about getting to this so late,however, weather has not been on my side, nor my health as I recently broke or didn't break my left distal fibula. Too long of a story to get into. Slowly on the mend now and I was finally able to fulfill my obligation to Sean from W.F.Young with Absorbine products. Here is a link for you to try

      So........Sean from W.F.Young gave me a few Absorbine products to try. Today I finally got the chance to do so. One being a huge gallon jug of ShowSheen Hair Polish & Detangler and the other a ShowSheen Try-Pak of sizes of ShowSheen Hair Polish & Detangler, ShowSheen Stain Remover & Whitener and 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner.

       Kola, unfortunately,not the best example as she was head to toe with mud & both anxious to get to their priorities of pasture time, but I love these products. Now I don't show, but I do on occasion appreciate a clean and tidy horse, even in my circumstances as my girls don't live in a barn, but rather outside with a shelter available. Misty on the other hand came out of this bath, rinse and polish, blindingly shiny. Kola shined where I could her get nice and clean. Not an easy task for me considering my ankle injury, but none the less impressive. Although unable to get to the stain remover today on Kola, I have used it in the past and it was brilliant, literally.

      I have 5 of the Try-Paks to give away to those that read this blog and want to give it a try and blog about. One I'm sending to Jess, my co-blogger as she does show and word will get around. The other four to the first four within the USA to comment on this blog, if you're interested. I highly recommend these products. I have NEVER been disappointed with anything I've received from W.F.Young, Excellent products even their fly-spray.
 The ShowSheen Try-Pak offers 4 oz. travel sizes of our best-selling ShowSheen Hair Polish, plus ShowSheen Stain Remover & Whitener and 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Pretty Sure.................

We've now moved from Equine Metabolic Syndrome to Cushing's. Kola grew enormous lengths of hair over this winter in spite of efforts made to keep her diet in check and her weight down. I have kept her weight and she comes in at a normal body of about 5, although in the pics it's hard to tell with over growth of hair. I actually used the dog hair rake on her to pull the clumps and matted hair off of her.

On a good note the worst of it came out easily,however there are a lot of wispy long and I mean long hair left and some curls. I think I'll be going through several blades this year to shave her. I'll have her Vet out in a couple of  weeks for their shots,teeth and exams. We'll go from there whether she'll need other supplements or any meds.

I have changed them both over to Purina Senior pelleted food this winter. I was getting sick of the Equibalancer crumbling to powder. They seem to like it and it contains things that are better for my older girls. I've also found a new hay guy, still in the family from my old hay guy and I like what I get, It's so compact and good that I can make a bale last minimally two days, sometimes longer.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

England Oct.2012, Port Solent to Portmouth Harbor

A trip from Port Solent to Portmouth Harbor on Tom's clamming boat.

Even More England October 2012

     Burley, New Forest......The Witching Village........All these years and this was my first visit here.

                      I think the only parking lot in the Village of Burley, full of New Forest ponies.

                                               Really cute cottage in the middle of Burley.

Nifty little store and of course we shopped.

                                                            Grandpa Steve and Poppy

Another new friend that was extremely vocal and following me everywhere in the village. What a sweetie, wanted to take him home with me too.
                                                            Nanny Callie and Joseph

                                                          Nanny Callie and Poppy

                                           Stephen looking out in Limington, New Forest

                                                 Land Ho! On Tom's clamming boat!

                                                         Pier under the Eye in London